I Need Your Help. 
Here Are Some Ways You Can Get Involved.

This campaign will be a test of whether ideas can prevail over big money politics.  Building name recognition is our greatest challenge as we travel the state meeting as many voters as we can.  There is no distance too far, and no group too small, to share my message and learn about your priorities and expectations of government.

You can help spread the word.  I will be looking for opportunities to connect with Wisconsinites.  If you need a speaker for an event, would like to host a “meet and greet”, or have other ideas about how I can reach the voters in your community, please contact me at:


If you are interested in volunteering with the campaign when the need arises, please let me know.  Make sure you sign up to follow our campaign by clicking on the “join our email list” button at the bottom of the page!


Together there is no limit to what we can achieve.  Thank you so much for your help!